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McGraw-Hill Asia offers a variety of subscriptions for medical, science, and engineering professionals with the Access suite of products, JAMAevidence, and OMMBID. We also offer test prep and eBook subscriptions.

What is Access?

The Access series features comprehensive online resources that provide knowledge from the best minds in the field, with continuously updated information accessible anywhere, on any mobile device. 

Each specialized Access resource includes: 

  • Leading textbooks in the field 
  • Extensive multimedia library 
  • Multiple quick reference tools 
  • Self-assessment 
  • Patient/consumer education 
  • Integrated database 
  • Case studies 
What is Access?What is Access?

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Medical Subscriptions


Prepare for in-service exams and boards; prepare clinicians for recertification or specialty exams.

Access Emergency MedicineAccess Emergency Medicine

Detailed emergency medicine procedural videos, interventions, and applications of decision rules.


Instant access to the latest disease screening, prevention and management regimens.


From neonatology through adolescent medicine, prep for the board exams with a case style mirroring the exam. 


Prepare for boards and improve critical thinking using drug-therapy cases and care plans.


Master physiotherapy techniques with unparalleled views of the entire body, animations, and a unique cadaver dissection tool.


Step-by-step surgical procedures with instructional videos and animations; prep for the ABSITE. 


JAMAevidence helps decision makers identify the best available evidence by guiding consideration of the validity, importance, and applicability of the assessment of health problems and the outcomes of health care.



OMMBID is an online resource delivering comprehensive coverage of the genes and genetic mechanisms involved in the causation and treatment of inherited diseases..

Science & Technology Subscriptions


AccessEngineering saves valuable time with calculator tools, interactive tables & graphs—everything engineers need in one place. Access more than 650 instructional videos by top engineering faculty.



AccessScience provides rigorously vetted scientific information and expertise in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. Quickly and easily cite authoritative studies with the interactive citation generator.

eBook & Test Prep Subscriptions

eBook LibraryeBook Library

Access content wherever and whenever you want with eBook Library’s new mobile features. You can create your own account to save searches, set up alerts, and bookmark titles.

Keep your resources current with our extensive collection of more than 175 world-renowned references.

Makes the questions hard, so passing is easy!  These test prep resources reflect the most current style and content of the actual exam. Target problem areas with powerful customization features and reporting tools. Accessible on any device, anywhere!