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We believe that every student should have access to affordable, high quality online learning platforms designed to help them succeed. Choose a print book option, digital-only option, or choose a digital and print textbook package to meet your study style. We offer flexible options to suit your unique way of learning.

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Make the most out of every study session to achieve better results in less time.

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McGraw Hill Connect is your personalized digital learning platform that transforms learning. Efficient studying, achieving better grades and completing assignments is now a breeze.


Instructor view of Connect indicating higher pass rate when learners use Connect.Instructor view of Connect indicating higher pass rate when learners use Connect.

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Save Time

Connect includes SmartBook, an adaptive eBook resource that helps you study more efficiently highlighting concepts where you need to focus more, reviewing and pointing you to resources until you understand the concept.

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Improve Grades

Your Connect customized to-do list effectively illustrates areas you should be focusing on to achieve better grades in class.

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Go Mobile

With McGraw Hill’s ReadAnywhere app on your mobile device, Connect makes it easy for you to study anytime, anywhere online or offline. 

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Get Immediate Feedback

Connect provides you with on-the-spot feedback, identifying key areas and concepts you should focus on to achieve learning goals.

What are Students Saying About Connect? 

Over 80% of students who use Connect achieve better grades than those who don’t. Hear what students have to say about using Connect in their courses.