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Our higher education learning solutions help to unlock the potential of every student and empower instructors to achieve their goals.

Each student is unique. McGraw Hill Asia is committed to creating high quality Higher Education textbooks and learning solutions. Personalized learning is made simple with our adaptive and innovative technology that streamlines course management for instructors and improve student outcomes.

Digital Learning Solutions


more students earned As & Bs with Connect

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increased success rates with ALEKS

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increase in student performance with SIMnet

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Course Materials

We offer course materials that are right for you and your students at every step of your teaching and learning journey. Whether you are teaching a business, science, engineering or humanities course, we have suitable course materials for you.

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Support at Every Step

Your dedicated Digital Learning Consultant will be there at every step of your teaching journey to ensure a successful implementation of your course.

We have got you covered from course design, set up, to LMS integration, First Day of Class and ongoing support throughout the semester.

Outcomes & Affordability

Learning changes everything, from how a person views the world, to how they develop in their career. Educators like you plays an important role in unlocking every student’s potential.

At McGraw Hill, we are focused in providing both instructors and students with engaging and affordable learning solutions that maximise every student learning outcome and drive success.

Accessibility Commitment

McGraw Hill is committed to developing products that are accessible to all learners. Our culture considers those with differing learning and access needs from the beginning of product development.

We are committed to achieve WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility compliance standards for our products and services.